• 2021.04.09


    How to judge the quality of the bearing and how to clean the bearing?

    Good bearings usually have these characteristics: uniform density, round shape, low thermal deformation, and high strength. The bearings of advanced equipment are mostly made of aluminum alloy.

  • 2021.06.01


    Features for Industrial robots bearings

    To be lighter is the development direction of modern industrial robots tends, which requires the supporting bearings to have a lighter structure. Because the bearing needs to meet the performance requirements of the industrial robot host for bearing capacity, accuracy, rigidity and friction torque in the limited installation space, it is difficult to meet this requirement when selecting standard general-purpose bearings, while thin section ball bearings pursue the outer limit size, With a lightweight, small size, high precision and long life and other excellent performance, it can solve this problem well.

  • 2020.08.12


    What is bearing steel?

    Bearing steel is used to make bearing balls, roller and rings. Usually, bearings under great pressure and friction during operation, therefore, steel must has a strong performance of have high, uniform hardness, wear resistance and high elastic limit.