Energy power generation bearings

The field of new energy power generation includes solar power generation, wind power generation and thermal power generation. In order to cope with environmental degradation and market demand, QIBR has developed and produced the core component of the slewing bearing, which can achieve high-speed to low-speed conversion. The shell is made of cast iron and can be directly combined with Host connection avoids tedious installation and maintenance procedures. Rotary drive is mainly used for oblique single-axis, single-axis, dual-axis tracking of tracking systems in solar power generation.

Solar Power
In the photovoltaic power generation system, the solar panel components need to follow the movement of the sun to rotate up and down and left and right to ensure higher power generation. The four-point contact ball slewing bearing carefully designed by QIBR company for the component support seat can ensure dust-proof, continuous and long operation.

Wind Power
The environment of the wind power generation system is harsh, dusty, corrosive, large temperature changes, difficult to maintain, and the bearing life is required to be more than 20 years. Wind energy power generation system bearings can be divided into: yaw bearings (turntable bearings), pitch bearings (turntable bearings), generator bearings (cylindrical roller bearings, angular contact ball bearings), gearbox bearings (cylindrical roller bearings, deep Groove ball bearings), spindle bearings (spherical roller bearings), etc.
QIBR supplies the slewing bearing of the system. Through optimized structural design, advanced CAD design software and 3D simulation technology, high-quality bearing steel material 42CrMo, overall quenched and tempered, surface quenched, to ensure its low temperature impact resistance and long service life . At the same time, the use of dust-proof rings, surface galvanizing, painting and other measures ensure that the bearing has good dust and corrosion resistance, and ensure that the service life of the yaw bearing and the pitch bearing is more than 20 years.

Thermal Power
QIBR Company strives to provide high-quality products for the thermal power industry, including deep groove ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, and thrust roller bearings. We will continue to innovate quality and technology according to the dust, high temperature and poor lubrication working environment of coal mills, conveyors, crushers and other equipment to extend the life of the bearings and increase the productivity of the equipment.

Specific Applications Of Bearings In The Energy power generation bearings