Business activities

Luoyang QIBR bearing brand, since its establishment in Luoyang in 2002, has risen in the Chinese market in the past more than ten years.

Refine the process of our products, provide high quality products and services. No matter what others do, we being honest as always, perform our own duties and responsibilities.

Craftsmen like to carve their products and improve their crafts in their daily work, enjoying the process of crafts becomes sublimated in their hands. Craftsmen have a high demand for details, pursue perfection and extremes. They have the persistent pursuit of the top-quality articles. Improving quality level from 0 to 1, small progress it seems, but this benefit the world for a long time.


Brief Introduction of The Association Development

The Luoyang Private Enterprise Association was established in May 2002. Its predecessor was the Luoyang Township Entrepreneurs Association founded in 1988. The administration departments are the predecessor of the Industry and Information Commission, predecessor as the Municipal Administration of Township Enterprises, and the Private Enterprise Service Bureau. It is a non-profit organization. Since its establishment, the association has been serving all private enterprises as its purpose, strictly abide by relevant national laws, regulations, and rules, and actively carry out various work and activities in accordance with the charter, making a positive contribution to the development of our municipal private economy.

HeNan Young Entrepreneurs’ Association

Henan Young Entrepreneurs’ association, briefly called ‘YEA’, is a mass organization of young entrepreneurs across the province, a bridge and link between the Communist Youth League and young entrepreneurs, and is a non-profit social organization with independent legal personality. It is a member of China Young Entrepreneurs’ Association, Henan Youth Federation, Henan Province Enterprise Federation (Henan Entrepreneurs’ Association).

China Bearing Industry Association 

Chinese Bearing Industry Association is the only official industry association, which aws founded in 1988 by Chinese government. It concentrated the essence of the national bearing industry and has more than 330 members. The turnover takes up 70% or more in the whole industry of China.