• Our Advantage

    Luoyang QIBR bearing brand, since its establishment in Luoyang in 2002, has risen in the Chinese market in the past more than ten years.

    Why we name our brand QIBR?

    • Quality Ensure the quality of bearings and our service.
    • Insistence Always be a professional bearing manufacturer to serve our customers.
    • Bearings Excellent products
    • Responsibility We take our responsibility for our customer to provide them with better bearings.

    Where we are (Our factory)

    QIBR Bearing Company is located in Luoyang City – the ancient capital of the thirteenth dynasty. It is also the research base and production center for high-end bearings and special bearings in China, with complete bearing industry chain. As a bearing factory with advanced production equipment, QIBR has the ability to provide various types of high quality bearings and non-standard customized bearings to our customers with competitive prices.

    What we can do (Our products)?

    QIBR category include:

    1. Deep groove ball bearing
    2. Roller bearing
    3. Angular contact bearing
    4. Needle roller bearing
    5. Spherical roller bearing
    6. Thrust ball bearing
    7. Tapered roller bearings

    Our customers come from all over the world, from large multinational companies to private companies…..

  • Advantages of Luoyang QIBR Bearing

    QIBR bearing striving for excellence, make progress constantly

    To achieve this goal, we innovate in product and management continuously. With high-quality products, professional technical team, reasonable prices, real-time online communication, we believe that every cooperation with us will be satisfied and pleasant.

    What service can QIBR bearing provide for you? What are our advantages?

    • QIBR group has a complete production and sales system, with nearly 20 years of manufacturing and sales experience. The skills we master and the recognition we received help us better understanding the demands of your industry.
    • QIBR team provides detailed technical consulting services. On the premise of ensuring quality, we will maximize cost saving and improve efficiency. It will help us ensure to produce satisfied and running perfectly bearing.
    • As a bearing factory with advance equipment, we have strong capacity to support high quality and non-standard customized bearings. Meanwhile, prices will be also competitive.
    • QIBR Bearings have professional inspection equipment and staff, complete QC process to control the quality strictly.
    • Scale advantage. Prices will be based on the quantity. Use a huge one-time purchase quantity to control purchase costs and give back to customers a very advantageous bearing price.
    • QIBR positing in the high end market with rich and mature experience in serving large enterprises and Sino-foreign joint ventures, providing bearing solutions and matching suitable bearing products based on the customer various demands.
    • Since establishment, company adopted direct selling system. We took part in and solved plenty of practical using cases. Accumulating valuable experience, rich industry experience and knowledge reserves.