Bearing type

Internal Diameter

External diameter


QRKS.16 Series

Medium size single row crossed cylindrical roller slewing bearings are compact, with strong, full-size rings. Depending on the size, they are available with two different fixed cross-sections within each of the three series.
To simplify installation, the inner and outer rings have a standardized number of equally spaced holes for attachment bolts.
Medium size crossed cylindrical roller slewing bearings feature a unique and cost-effective combination of load-carrying ability, stiffness, and speed capability. These features open a wide application field for medium size crossed cylindrical roller slewing bearings. Typical applications include, but are not limited to, earthmoving, construction and material handling equipment as well as robotics.
The standard single row medium size crossed roller slewing bearings with a mean raceway diameter ranging from 414 to 1 904 mm and are available with any of the following gear configurations:
• with an external gear  QRKS. 161 series
• with an internal gear  QRKS. 162 series
• without a gear          QRKS. 160 series