Corporate Culture

Luoyang QIBR bearing brand, since its establishment in Luoyang in 2002, has risen in the Chinese market in the past more than ten years.

QIBR corporate goal

Establish a good brand image, set up a century-old classic enterprise.

Enterprise core values

Craftsman’s spirit, striving for excellence, persisting honesty, being bold in innovation, having team spirit, always being customer demand-oriented.

Brief introduction of Craftsman’s spirit

Craftsmen like to carve their products and improve their crafts in their daily work, enjoying the process of crafts becomes sublimated in their hands. Craftsmen have a high demand for details, pursue perfection and extremes. They have the persistent pursuit of the top-quality articles. Improving quality level from 0 to 1, small progress it seems, but this benefit the world for a long time.

Craftsman’s spirit is the creative spirit of striving for excellence;

Craftsman’s spirit is the quality spirit of pursuing perfection;

Craftsman’s spirit is the service spirit of upholding customers first.

Enterprise mission

Refine the process of our products, provide high quality products and services. No matter what others do, we being honest as always, perform our own duties and responsibilities.

Treat every customer - providing excellent products and service.

Treat every partner - establishing a fair and mutually beneficial way of cooperation.

Treat every employee - treating everyone equally, creating mutual respect and a harmonious working environment.

Excellent staff