Plastic coated bearings

In the case that national standard bearings cannot meet a requirement, a layer of plastic can be applied to the bearing to achieve certain specific applications. The commonly used rubber-coated bearings mainly include POM, PA and PU. Coating has a certain hardness, impact resistance, abrasion resistance and a certain degree of self-lubrication, and their resistance to dust and chemicals makes plastic coated bearings a better solution.

POM pulley bearings produced by QIBR have following features:
1. Bearing all with precision grinding ,with this treatment pur bearing wheel pulley will have high precision ,low noise and vibration.
2. With heat treatment ,our bearings will be have long working life and well performance
3. We are choose high quality bearing raw material and sliding roller material , with good match up ,our pulley bearings have high load capacity and smooth running.
4. We can do standard and non-standard service .

Specific Applications Of Bearings In The Plastic coated bearings