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QIBR is a well-known bearing supplier in Asia, with more than 16 years of experience in various equipment and industrial fields. But we are not limited to this.

QIBR uses its own rich experience to optimize and design your own bearings.

With the advancement of science and technology, the continuous development of industrial equipment, industrial products and other precision equipment products have higher requirements for bearings.

A single bearing brand or bearing model can no longer meet the needs of today's equipment, and customized bearings are selected by more and more customers.


Wind power equipment bearing design

QIBR participates in 7 wind power projects in China, and its products are mainly used in the new generation of wind power generation facilities designed in China with a higher kilowatt cost, what we often call wind power bearings. It refers to the pitch bearing on the blades of wind power generation equipment. Generally, slewing bearings (belonging to four-point contact ball bearings) are used. The yaw bearing under the base of the wind power generation equipment is also a slewing bearing. The main shaft adopts two structures. One is a spherical roller bearing, the other is a double-row tapered roller bearing. Often these bearings require high precision, high speed, and long life.

  • Automotive bearing design
  • Internal turbine engine and turbofan engine bearing design

The rapid development of globalization has made technological development more and more important; only through continuous innovation, solutions, and product quality and performance improvement, can your company maintain its leading position.

If you want to design an exclusive bearing according to different equipment and working conditions, you need to have expertise in materials science, industry, dynamics, etc., and more advanced technology and laboratories. If the company does not have such capabilities, You can choose QIBR to customize it for you.

QIBR Consulting Services has experienced engineers and project experts. We have established cooperative relationships with many top universities in China with majors in materials science, lubrication and tribology, and professional bearing research institutes provide us with technical support, use the unique simulation program of the university to verify the new design of QIBR.

We can combine QIBR production experience knowledge and equipment to form a special solution according to your special needs, and provide you with support during the entire life cycle of your product.

QIBR consulting services, for you to achieve