Delivery package

Luoyang QIBR bearing brand, since its establishment in Luoyang in 2002, has risen in the Chinese market in the past more than ten years.

Bearing OEM package and industrial packaging

Large bearing industrial packaging – Large bearings are mainly packaged with PE film and kraft paper, wooden box pallets as an outer package.

Small and medium-sized bearing industrial packaging – They are divided into multiple sets of bearings and single set bearing package. Multiple sets of bearings use PE film and kraft paper as an inside package, wooden box pallets as an outer package.

Small bearing single set packaging- put the bearing in a plastic bag, seal the bag and put it into a box.

OEM packaging: Customers to apply the national trademark brand (including letters), authorized by passing, OEM package could be provided.

QIBR brand packaging

For different types of bearings, QIBR brand provides different packaging ways and packaging materials. QIBR bearing always has strict requirements on packaging film, paper material, and chromatism, including packaging paper, tape, boxes, cartons, wooden boxes and certificate of bearing quality. QIBR bearing packaging enables customers to get a full range of experiences through color, material, space, light, etc.