What are the effects of cleanliness on bearings?

2018.08.30 Company
  1. The Impact on the Service Life of Bearings
    Clean degree of bearings has a great influence on their service life. Experiments show that the higher the clean degree of bearings, the longer their service life. Therefore, improving the clean degree of bearings can prolong their service life.
  2. The Impact on Vibration and Noise of bearings
    (1) Influence on Bearing Vibration
    Cleanliness affects the level of bearing vibration. Especially in high frequency band. Usually, bearings with high cleanliness have low vibration velocity.
    (2) Influence on Noise
    We have tested the effect of dust in bearing grease on noise, and it is proved that the more dust, the louder the noise.
    (3) Influence on Lubricating Property
    The decrease in the cleanliness of bearings not only affects the formation of the lubricant oil film, but also causes oil deterioration. This can cause worse performance of lubricating oil.