How to store bearings properly?

2019.08.12 Company
  1. The original packaging of the bearing should be maintained, and do not open it arbitrarily. If you found the packaging is damaged, opened it and carefully cleaned the bearing. Meanwhile, greasing the bearing again and repackaged.
  2. The relative humidity of the storage room should not exceed 60 percent, the temperature difference should not be too large, so that the bearing with original package can be stored for many years.
  3. The storage room should be protected from vibration and shaking. Bearings not stored in original packaging should be properly preserved. In order to prevent bearings from being corroded and contaminated, people should not put them together with corrosive things.
  4. Large rolling bearings can only be stored flat, and the side of the inner and outer rings are best be supported. If not, the bearing may be permanently deformed.