Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearings

2021.09.03 Company

Ceramic ball bearings (also known as hybrid bearings) are the one component that’ll easily optimize the performance of your application. Hybrid bearings have ceramic (silicon nitride, Si3N4) balls and GCr15 bearing steel rings. This type of precision bearing is an excellent choice for advanced machines that require precision.

Ceramic balls offer numerous advantages over steel balls:

  • Ceramic is a lighter material than steel, so operating temperatures are reduced
  • Higher speeds can be achieved with the same size steel ball bearing
  • Contamination causes less damage to the bearing because of the hard ceramic material.

Choosing hybrid radial or angular contact bearings over conventional steel bearings offers key performance advantages.

Benefits of a ceramic ball bearing: 

  • Improved rigidity, accuracy and precision 
  • Less operational vibration 
  • 40% increase in the lifespan of your application 
  • Higher speeds and lower rolling friction