Product parameters

  • QIBR No.Q061.20.0644.500.01.1503
  • Rothe Erde No.061.20.0644.500.01.1503
  • Bearing Type Single-row four-point contact ball 
Overall Dimensions
  • Outer Diameter (O.D.) 742.8mm
  • Inner Diameter (I.D.) 572mm
  • Overall Height(H) 56mm
  • Weight 51kg
Bolt Data
  • External Bolt Circle Diameter (La) 685mm
  • Ineternal Bolt Circle Diameter (Li) 598mm
  • Number of Bolt Holes per circle (n*) 32/36
  • Bolt Hole Diameter(B) 13.5mm
  • Bolt size (M) 12mm
Gear Data
  • Gear P.C.D (d) 732mm
  • Module (m) 6mm
  • Number of Teeth (z) 122
  • Tooth Width (b) 45.5mm
  • Permissible Tangential Forces Normal (kN) 12
  • Permissible Tangential Forces Maximum(kN) 25

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