Concentrated process of bearing ring processing

2020.09.03 Company


The concentrated process of bearing ring can complete the turning of one or several rings with only one process.

The characteristics of the centralized process:

(1) One clamping cycle can complete most or all of the turning processes, reducing the positioning error of the ferrule and the auxiliary time of the positioning, improving the position and dimensional accuracy between the surfaces of the ferrule, and improving the productivity. For batch production of small and medium-sized ferrules, 2~3 pieces of ferrules can be turned on a multi-axis automatic lathe at a time.

(2) The process flow is shortened, the intermediate storage, loading and unloading, and transportation links are reduced, which is convenient for production management, and reduces the amount of machine tools and tools.

(3) It is conducive to the realization of automation and mass production, shortens the production cycle, and reduces the production cost.

But at the same time, there are higher requirements for process equipment and workpiece blanks such as lathes, cutting tools, fixtures and auxiliary tools. For example, it is required to have a small amount of blanks and high precision in dimensions, and strict requirements on surface quality such as metallographic structure and hardness; require lathes to have greater power, rigidity, and higher processing accuracy and automation.