Product parameters

  • QIBR No. QXSI14 0544N
  • INA No.XSI14 0544N
  • Bearing Type Crossed roller
  • Closure Type Double Seal
  • Bearing Material 42CrMo, 50Mn, Stainless Steel
  • Seal Material FPM, NBR
Load Capacity
  • Maximum permissible radial load against friction lock(Frper)118.98kN
  • Basic dynamic load rating, axial(Ca)243kN
  • Basic static load rating, axial(C0a)612kN
  • Basic dynamic load rating, radial(Cr)153kN
  • Basic static load rating, radial(C0r)297kN
Gear teeth
  • Pitch diameter of gear(d0)456 mm
  • Tooth modulus(m)6mm
  • Number of teeth(z)76
  • Permissible tooth force(Fz norm)21.33kN
  • Maximum permissible tooth force(Fz max)31.5kN
Overall Dimensions
  • Inside diameter of inner ring (di)444 mm
  • Outside diameter of outer ring(Da)614 mm
  • Internal diameter on outer ring(Di)545 mm
  • External diameter on inner ring(da)541 mm
  • Overall width(H)56 mm
  • Weight(w)43kg
Mounting Holes
  • Bolt circle Dia. - outer ring(La)590 mm
  • Bolt circle Dia. - inner ring(Li)505 mm
  • Number holes - outer ring(na)32
  • Number holes - inner ring (ni)32
  • Taper type lubrication nipples, DIN 71412-A M8X1, arranged evenly about the circumference4

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