Product parameters

  • QIBR No. QKH-225P
  • KAYDON No. KH-225P
  • Bearing Type Four Point Contact
  • Closure Type Double Seal
  • Bearing Material 42CrMo, 50Mn, Stainless Steel
  • Seal Material FPM, NBR
Load Capacity
  • Axial Dynamic Capacity36550lbs (162.57KN)
  • Axial Intermittent Capacity120700lbs(536.87KN)
  • Moment Dynamic Capacity33660ft-lbs (45642.96N-m)
  • Moment Intermittent Capacity63750ft-lbs (86445N-m)
Overall Dimensions
  • Outside diameter (Do)26.70" (678.18mm)
  • Inside diameter(di)18.50" (469.9mm)
  • Internal diameter on outer ring(Di)22.75"(577.85mm)
  • External diameter on inner ring(do)22.25"(565.15mm)
  • Weight (lb)150 lbs (68.04KG)
Mounting Holes
  • Bolt circle Dia. - Outer (Lo)24.5" (622.3mm)
  • Number holes - Outer (no)18
  • Bolt circle Dia. - Inner (Li)20.5" (520.7mm)
  • Number holes - Inner (ni)18

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