Product parameters

  • QIBR No.Q16301001
  • KAYDON No.16301001
  • Bearing Type Four Point Contact
  • Bearing Material 42CrMo, 50Mn, Stainless Steel
  • Seal Material FPM, NBR
Load Capacity
  • Gear Tooth Rating(Fz)69275lbs(308.135KN)
  • Moment load rating (Crm)2938450ft-lbs(3984538.2N-m)
Outline Dimensions and Weight
  • Outside Diameter(Do)102.500"(2603.5mm)
  • Inside Diameter(di) 85.360"(2168.14mm)
  • Height of overall bearing assembly(H) 7.440"(188.98mm)
  • Height of outer ring(Ho) 6.780"(172.21mm)
  • Height of inner ring(Hi) 5.660"(143.76mm)
  • External diameter on outer ring(Dr) -
  • Internal diameter on inner ring(dr) 88.380"(2244.85mm)
  • Approximate Weight (lbs)3750lbs(1700.963KG)
Mounting Holes
  • Bolt Circle in Outer Ring (Lo) 99.803"(2535mm)
  • Number Holes in Outer Ring (no) 60
  • Size of hole in outer ring(Bo) 1.312(33.32mm)
  • Bolt circle in inner ring(Li) 91.142"(2315.01mm)
  • Number Holes in Inner Ring (ni) 60
  • Size of hole in inner ring(Bi) 1.312(33.32mm)
Gear Data
  • Pressure Angle of Gear Teeth (α) 20 º
  • Tooth form FD
  • Pitch Diameter (D2) 86.667"(2201.34mm)
  • Pd or (m) 1.5(38.10mm)
  • Number of Teeth(z2) 130
  • Addendum modification coefficient of gear teeth(x2) 0
  • Face width of gear teeth(b2) 5.500(139.70mm)

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