Product parameters

  • QIBR No. Q16278001
  • KAYDON No. 16278001
  • Bearing Type Eight Point Contact
  • Bearing Material 42CrMo, 50Mn, Stainless Steel
  • Seal Material FPM, NBR
Load Capacity
  • Gear Tooth Rating(Fz) 34655lbs(154.14KN)
  • Moment load rating (Crm)3311770ft-lbs (4490760.12N-m)
Overall Dimensions
  • Outside diameter (Do) 94.173" (2391.99mm)
  • Inside diameter(di)77.008" (1956mm)
  • Height of overall bearing assembly(H)7.126" (181mm)
  • Height of Inner Ring (Hi)/Height of Outer Ring (Ho) 6.732"(43.99mm)
  • Internal diameter on inner ring(dr) 79.291lbs ( 2013.99mm)
  • Weight (lb) 3410lbs ( 1546KG)
Mounting Holes
  • Bolt Circle in Outer Ring (Lo)90.787" (2305.99mm)
  • Number Holes in Outer Ring (no)60
  • Size of hole in outer ring(Bi)/Size of hole in inner ring(Bo)1.535"(38.989mm)
  • Bolt circle in inner ring(Li)82.677" (2100mm)
  • Number Holes in Inner Ring (ni)60
Gear Data
  • Tooth form FD
  • Pitch diameter of gear(D2)77.48" (1967.99mm)
  • Diametral pitch(Pd)12" (304.8mm)
  • Number of gear teeth(z2)164
  • Face width of gear teeth(b2)3.937" (99.9998mm)

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